100 reasons not to come... but I'm here

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Do you ever have those moments where someone might say something to you in passing... and it totally impacts you? I'm having one of those today! 

This morning at Jazzercise, a new student was in the back of class. She looked nervous and unsure of the moves, but she kept moving (which is all that matters!). After class, I went to talk to her, and she said something that struck a chord... "I had 100 reasons not to come today... but I'm here." She went on to say she was glad she came and that she'd be back, but it really struck a chord. 

We all have 100 reasons not to get a work out in. There are jobs and families and chores and errands and a million other things waiting to get done every day. There are places to go and people to see. 

I've come up with a thousand excuses lately for skipping runs or eating junk. It's the end of the school year. I've been traveling a lot. I'm stressed out. I'm tired. Wah. 

But getting in an hour workout or an hour run is literally 4% of my day. That's nothing! It makes me think of that Ellen quote about how she doesn't have time to work out, but she has time to go out to dinner and watch TV and figure out what her phone number spells in words. I have time to do all of that! I have time to work out. 

And the eating... eek. It's wedding season! And graduation party season! All that glorious cake... maybe I'll just get an extra work out! 


  1. And the biggest reason...do it for you, take some time for yourself because "you" matter :) I'm not a morning person but I get up extra early so I can run/walk or workout because that's the only time that works for me. Last week I did not want to run but made myself go & I had a really good run so I came home soooo happy that I went. You usually don't feel bad for working out but you regret when you don't. I just makes you feel good & it's a great way to start your day or a great way to burn off stress at the end of your day!

  2. Totally agree! We get so caught up in getting everything done for others that sometimes I think we totally forget about ourselves!

    Ready for Sunburst? Next week, I plan to look ahead and figure out my races for the summer. Dan and I are doing the Spear it 5K at an Asparagus Festival in Michigan on the 9th. Pretty pumped for the post-race asparagus dishes!

  3. I was ready for Sunburst. Tweaked my hip/thigh Tuesday getting in the boat. Hurt on my 4 miler Wednesday & that was my last run before Sunburst. Hoping a few days is enough time for it to feel "great"!!! Doing Ibuprofen & Biofreeze & saying prayers :) That's all I can do - it is what it is. I won't know until I'm on my way during my race if it's good or bad. I'm going on a wing & a prayer & if it's bad I'm still gonna try to get acrossed the finish line...lol! Hubby will probably be posting on Facebook Saturday.

    I've never heard of the Spear it 5k but it sounds good. Keep us posted on what races you are doing :)

  4. Well, I made it! About 1 minute & 4 seconds slower than the Geist 1/2 marathon 2 weeks ago but I'll take it. My hip was hurting from the start & was cramping & trying to spasm by mile 8. I was disappointed as the weather was great & everything felt great at mile 8 except my hip :( If only I hadn't stop to pee I could've beat my previous time...lol! I have about 1/4 of that trashy toenail left. I got my medal & that's what I went for :) Sunburst was nicer this year as the field was not as crowded. I think they moved the post race food which cleared a lot of people off the field. Someone pointed me to the water tent when I crossed the line so that was awesome. I didn't even get in line for food - we just went home & I ate there. Now it feels like my piriformis is irritated again. I had a lot of low back pain after the race & the butt cheek pain so I think these areas were compensating for the hip/thigh issue. I'll probably have to make some adjustments to my schedule to get this problem under control & then it's on to the full marathon training for October. The Sunburst medal doesn't even compare to the Geist I just got or the Indy marathon medal from 2 yrs. ago. Kind of weird as Sunburst is more expensive to sign up for but the bling falls short. But, bling is bling right?

    Hope you had a great trip & all is wonderful :)

  5. Still so proud of you, Sherry! To be only a minute slower with a sore hip AND cramping?! That's incredible! Kind of a bummer about the bling though -- I was hoping it would be something awesome!

    Regardless, get some good rest this week, and enjoy a little down time before marathon training kicks in (which one are you doing in October?).

    Trip was wonderful -- we had a great time (and got a short run in yesterday before we left). Running tomorrow for sure, as we WAY overate at grad parties today! So. Much. Good. Food.

  6. October 20, 2012 Community Health Network Indianapolis Marathon. They also have a 1/2, a marathon relay, 5k and a kids marathon.

    My boss got 5th place in the women's 10K! Did you see the winners of the Sunburst marathon are husband & wife? How cool is that!

    I'm thinking some Yoga/walk/bike/weight training...or some combination of those for today.

    Glad you had a great trip :) And, you've already made some progress on that bucket list!

  7. Your boss is an impressive runner! How cool that she can say she took 5th! And I did see the picture of the husband and wife in the South Bend Tribune. So, so cool!

    I did a little under 4 this morning and was thinking that I need to do something to strengthen my hips. They were hurting like mad today! I think I want to do some yoga in the near future.

    Off for another busy day! Maybe tomorrow I can do something fun on the bucket list!


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