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Friday, April 27, 2012

One more week. Just one more week until I'm in a car, heading to Indy with Dan, to do this whole half marathon thing all over again. Am I crazy? Maybe. Am I sort of ready to get through this test? Absolutely. 

I got my race card in the mail for Indy upon my return from Vegas. It has my corral on it from the seed time I sent in from the Disney Princess Half. 

In the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I was in corral H, and started, oh, about 40 minutes after the race actually did. 

For Indy, I'm in corral F, which seemed pretty normal until I looked at the map and realized the corrals START WITH E. Which means I have gone from being the absolute LAST corral to the SECOND corral. I would be lying if I said I wasn't feeling some pressure to live up to the speed of those around me. My stomach goes to knots just thinking about it. See, the beauty of starting last is, you get to pass people right and left and feel like a rockstar when you're done. The fear I have now is that I will be the one being passed or in the way of other runners. I definitely do NOT want to be in the way. 

Alas, with a week to go, I'm starting to feel the nerves, the pressure, and the excitement. I'm looking forward to a weekend with friends, an awesome expo, and all that Indy has to offer. 

Bring it!


  1. Soooo exciting! Don't let them pressure you into going out too fast or you will suffer :( Just run "your" race just like the last one & you'll do great. You'll be glad you are not in the last corral at Indy - lots of walkers get in front of you & spread all acrossed so you can hardly get through even though the rules say no more than 2 abreast (if I remember correctly). I haven't done this race but you "hear things". So, good for you to be up closer to the front with an easier start. I like to stay in the back & out of the way and work my way wherever I want to be but I don't want to be locked in behind people you can't get around. Hope you have a great weekend with the girls & calm the nerves & slide right on in to Indy next weekend :)))

  2. Thanks, Sherry! How fun that we're both doing halfs in the next few weeks? I, for one, am ready to have this giant task off my plate! I'm looking forward to all the carbs this week, though. :)

    How are you feeling in your runs? Can't wait to swap notes afterward!

  3. Hopefully we'll both have some new bling before too long. You will be very happy when this is over I am sure! For me, my 1/2 is the easiest task I have signed up for...what was I thinking? Oh yeah, "chasing my dreams":) Mine is supposedly hilly. I told you "you hear things". So I'm thinking that will be tough. Also wearing lung cancer shirt in memory of my sister. If I can breathe after I get done crying at the start I might be able to run. She mentioned coming to this run saying "maybe I'll be feeling better by then". A lot on my shoulders but maybe she can help lift me up with her new wings :))) Bonus: she is feeling better and she'll have the best seat in the house!

    I've been feeling pretty good on my runs. Painful right foot the last 2 long ones around 8-10 miles. Did 7 today & left ankle got unhappy out of the blue so I stopped short of the 10 that was on the schedule. I can't afford to trash any parts at this point in the game.

    How has it been going for you?

  4. Don't you hate it when you "hear" things? Sometimes I think it's better not to know what's coming! Your sister will quite literally have your back though, so bring on those hills! You can do this!

    I've been feeling good... but I feel like I haven't been training enough. At this point, I've done all I can do, so I'm hoping for the best, and trying to rest up this week. I have a rest day tomorrow, and then might try a few easy miles on Wednesday. I do, however, have to teach Jazzercise Wednesday and Thursday so I'm going with low impact and no weights. I need a working body come Saturday morning!

  5. "Hearing things" can go either way. I haven't heard anything that would make me wish I hadn't signed up so that is a good thing. My sister is gonna have her hands full...she better have my back, my behind, my legs AND my feet...lol! She's never seen me after a race so she has no idea what she's in for. I only have one more long run this weekend, next weekend is a 5 miler & some short ones :)

    Sometimes after a rest people actually run better. You haven't been totally resting but if you feel like training level was low maybe that counts? No weights sounds like a good idea & maybe a short, slow run. You will have a great time with your friends :) So enjoy & show me some bling baby!!!

    I'm reading Jeff Galloway's book. In it, he says you need to either sign up for something else before this one is over or at least pencil something on your calendar so your mind has something to work toward & you don't have a big letdown after this race. Maybe a nice 5K? I have never been signed up for this much stuff but I probably with throw in some 5K's and maybe a 10K here and there.

  6. The boyfriend and I have signed up for a 5K in Michigan (at an asparagus festival!) on June 9, and I definitely want to do some smaller races this summer. I think if I focus on speed for a bit, it'll reignite my need/want to run!

    I also just bought Run Less, Run Faster that Runner's World put out recently. Have you read it? I can't remember if you mentioned this one or not! I'm hoping to get it read early in the summer.

    It's going to be a great weekend, regardless. :)

  7. Oh my gosh, after a 5K you're gonna be like "what?, I'm done already!"...lol.

    I wish I would've known you were looking at that book - you could have used mine. That is the one I was using at the beginnig of the year. Doing the speedwork on the treadmill is how I hurt my backside :( I always get hurt doing speedwork so I've decided to leave that out. Just be careful. I think that's the plan of only running 3 days a week which I think is good to reduce chances of overuse/injury. It will probably help with burnout too.

    I'm considering signing up for the Sunburst 10K but it's only 2 weeks after my "hilly" 1/2 marathon so my brain is still mulling it over.

    A few more days - woohoo!!!

  8. I know! I was thinking about that the other day... I think running a 5K will feel like a welcome change for awhile!

    I wanted to do Sunburst (did you see that finishers ARE finishing on the field this year?!) but I have a wedding in Wisconsin that day! We should try to book a 5K or 10K together this summer!

    Tomorrow starts the carbloading. :) I'm loaded up on healthy eats and hoping it helps my muscles! My legs are still feeling sore!

  9. I just heard they got the construction done so they will finish on the football field after all at Sunburst. There is a 5K I do every year in St. Joseph, MI for that little boy with Progeria. It's called Kilometers for Cam if you want to hunt it up on the net. That one is usually late September. Keep posting what you sign up for & if something works out I'll sign up. After the Geist I'm moving into training for the full marathon so I miss a lot of smaller races because I need to do much longer ones to be ready.

    If your legs are sore, you better rest them!

  10. I'll look for it and we can figure it out as it gets closer! Maybe you'll get one blissful reprieve week where you get to run less than double digits. :)

    Tonight's plan is to keep my legs up and my body resting. Sounds perfect to me!

  11. This weekend is my last long run. Next weekend only a 5 miler :)

    Sounds like a perfect plan, resting & carb loading! What do you do to carb load? I haven't really done that. I just do pasta the night before my races & that's about it. I'm sure I get plenty of carbs anyway...lol

  12. Basically I'm eating alllllll carbs. I'd read that carb loading the night before doesn't allow your muscles to really fill up with all the carby goodness it needs (that's not the technical term, but I forget what it is -- maybe glycogen?). So, I started earlier this time so I could load for three days. Bagels, Thai noodles, low fat pizza, veggies, fruits, oatmeal, Clif bars... even low fat sugars like jelly beans and licorice will work! I'll let you know if I notice a difference!

  13. Be sure to post your opinion on this. I hope it works well for you :)


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