Spring break! :D

Friday, March 30, 2012

Today is one of my favorite days of the year -- Spring Break Friday! I love my students -- I do, I love them, but it is at this point in the year when we all need some time away from one another. Nine days out of my four cement walls (well, three cement walls and one collapsible wall) and away from people who ask me questions like these makes me pretty happy. 

I'm also hoping I can use this break to get back on track -- with sleeping, errands, life, and running. I've been looking forward to break to help me get back on track and remember why I like running again. (I like running. Right? Right.)

Side note: I ran out of peanut butter today. This is a minor emergency in my life. I will try to survive. 


  1. Enjoy! You deserve a break. You've been working sooo hard. I wish we had spring break. Yes, you LIKE running...sometimes more than others :) That's OK, it happens. I seriously can't believe you ran out of peanut butter. Now I know you were "really" sick!

    The girls at work took up a collection when my sister passed. I told them I would donate it to my lung cancer runs. I was sooo excited, I got an email from the American Lung Association that someone was doing a dollar for dollar match so I donated $50 & doubling made it $100 - awesome! The person doing the matching lost her mother to lung cancer 20 years ago. The rest I'm saving to donate to my runs for Team Lung Love.

    Planning a long run tomorrow. Just haven't decided how long yet.

  2. I'm starting to wonder if part of the reason I got sick is because I stopped running! This is probably all in my head, but maybe my immune system took a dive.

    That's SO great about the donations from the girls at work -- and the matching! You're doing great things, Sherry. Keep it up!

    How long did you run for today? I did 7.5 with a run/walk (I walked five times!) and still did it in under a 10 min/mile pace. I think this might be my new favorite way to run! :)

  3. I did 11.4 miles @ 12 mile pace which included walk breaks & 2 or 3 pitstops. Pace goes under 11 if I don't have to stop. I was tired & stiff after running (as usual) but I really think taking these walk breaks makes you not so worn out/beat up at the end. I also think my sore hip/tail are somewhat better since I've been doing this.

  4. Agreed. My right hip was bothering me during today's run, but I feel like it would have been way worse if I'd just pushed through it. This morning was a fiver for me -- but that made for 18 total this week, which is WAY more than I've run since the half. I *think* I may have busted through the wall!


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