Run/Walk = Good/Better

Saturday, March 31, 2012

On the suggestion of my awesome running friend Sherry, I decided that today's 7.5 mile run would be a run/walk combo. I've been reading a lot about Jeff Galloway's method of running for a set amount of time and walking for a minute. I tend to find that in running, I wait too long to walk and then have a hard time getting started again, so what better way to combat that than put in walking intervals. 

So, today, I ran two miles, walked for a minute, and then every mile after that, I'd take a minute long walk. The results? 

It went so well! I ran faster than my average 10 mile/minute pace. And I was able to speed up at the end, which was even more exciting. It was a good run -- the best run I've had in awhile. I needed that! 

The run/walk might be my new favorite method. :)


  1. During the San Diego Half, I heard a couple do this. They were behind me & they had this whole system of timing down. I hope it works for you. Keep posting about it. I'd like to hear more.

  2. It seems like you consistantly run faster or on pace the whole run rather than slowing down closer to the end and you feel like you have something left in the tank. I think this is what I'll have to do to make it through the Goofy runs back to back.


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