Lazy writer, lazy runner

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Who's been a lazy writer this week? This girl has. But part of the reason I've been a lazy writer is because I've also been a lazy runner. I ran on Tuesday for five miles. That was it. 

To be fair, I'm really and truly not feeling well this weekend, and thanks to medication, I'm hoping to be feeling better ASAP. But, also to be fair, I still probably could have run this weekend considering I had the energy to see friends, go to shows, and drink beers. 

With spring break only five short school days away, I'm feeling like I'm in survival mode. I need to get through this week, get some runs in, and get back on track. It's coming -- I know it is. My last race was still less than a month ago, so it's not like I've lost the taste for it this quickly. I just... can't seem to find that spark, no matter what I do. 

Come back now, spark! 


  1. OMG, I thought I lost you! I hope you are feeling better soon :) This little break isn't going to hurt you - you'll be OK & you'll be grabbing some more bling in a little over a month.

    I did my 10.5 miles today doing those intervals I told you about (running 4 minutes/walking 1 minute). My time would have put me over my last 1/2 marathon time by only 7 minutes which is pretty impressive. I had one pitstop when I ran the 1/2 & today I had 2 pitstops so that puts me even closer to my original time. It sounds crazy but it works.

    Even if you don't run you still have to talk to us...lol! Big hugs for feeling better & some SPARK :)))

  2. Health is more important then running right now. Feel better first, the spark will be there. Love you!

  3. Definitely feel better first! Allergies are working on me right now. Love the flowering trees but my respiratory system feels otherwise.

    2.5 weeks since my sister passed and I have to quit the peeps! Can't tell you how many boxes I've eaten while stress-laiden :( I have one foot back on the WW bus. I did good today. We'll see what tomorrow brings :)

  4. I promise not to fall off the face of the earth! I feel like a running failure at the moment, so I'll have to start blogging about other things until I'm back on the running wagon. And, yes, I'm stil waiting to feel better -- hopefully my meds kick in tomorrow, but the doctor said it might take 72 hours before I really feel better.

    How's the WW bus looking? One solid foot on? :)

    Love you too, momma!

  5. You can't try to fall off the place of the earth, I know people who know you and know how to find you! You are not a running failure. You've done a ton over the last several months. Doing it with RA is super impressive! Take the rest you need & it will all work out. Doing too much while you are sick might make you sick longer :( I some good advice to share but have trouble following it...lol. After all that training for an event & stressing about it is when I usually get sick & have to run my race that way. You did it much better - waiting til after your race.

    WW bus is looking good :) Sometimes I have my nose to the grindstone & you couldn't pull me off the path & sometimes I have no idea where the path is...or was!

    Goals for this week: stay on the bus. You, rest/feel better...and, take it slow when you do start back running.


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