The Expo

Friday, March 2, 2012

I've been trying to think of a way to effectively describe for you the Expo from the race. The best, and most accurate, description I can come up with is this: I now understand what it must be like to have ADD. 

There are lights. There are people. There are people talking in to megaphones. There are people talking in to microphones. There are people handing you things. There are women. There are men. There are children. There are stickers. There are computers. There are poster making stations. There are things to trip over. There are lines. There are items for sale. There are treats. There are freebies. There are 40 bajillion things happening all at once, all right on top of each other. 

And I went on Friday, before the Expo got REALLY crowded on Saturday! 

Highlights of the Expo were being in the Jostens convention center (go yearbooks!), getting my official race bib (complete with Belle background!), picking up 19 mini Luna Bars (with the help of my super resourceful mother), and getting some Princess Half gear (a super cute I Did It t-shirt (I was being optimistic!) and a key chain that I'll be using as a Christmas ornament).


Additionally, the Expo was also where I was able to sign up to send my parents texts of my splits so they knew where I was and set up my Facebook posts so my friends who were up at 6 a.m. could follow me. 

This was easily the busiest, craziest Expo I'd ever seen, but it was really awesome, and comes highly recommended.
The Bib! 


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