Accountability and prayers

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Okay, friends, I'm keeping this short as I'm heading to Detroit to see the Saoud clan! So, I missed my morning run. Again. I chalk it up to a combination of margaritas, a late night out, coffee with the girls, and leaving today for Michigan. I also chalk it up to not wanting to run. I've realized I'm firmly off the wagon, although, I keep rationalizing it because I read somewhere once that you're allowed to take a day off for every mile you run after a big race (13 miles, 13 days). Today is day 13, though, so that excuse is moot. 

So, TOMORROW, I am back on track. I will get up early at my cousin Amanda's, go for an hour long run, and tell myself that training is back on. I'm telling you this so I stay accountable. If I can't make me run, maybe you can, darnit. 

Also, if you're the prayin' kind, please pray for my runner friend Sherry as she deals with the loss of her sister. Sherry is so positive and motivating, and has helped me so much. Help me send some prayers her way. 


  1. Hey lady...I hope you have a great time with family. I will be with family for other reasons but will be seeing peeps I haven't seen in 5 years so some good with the bad :) The veiwing is tomorrow & I plan on getting up & doing a 6 mile run to start my day so you better be out there running too as only my "twin" would do!!! I never gave up on my sister & I won't give up on you. Thanks for the prayers - soooo appreciated. So, go have a good time & I want to hear some beating feet on pavement tomorrow! Big hugs :)

  2. Thanks for motivating me to run this morning, Sherry! With every step outside, I remembered that you were out there doing the same thing, and it really did make it easier. :) Continuing to send good thoughts and prayers your way!


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