A visit to the Rheumatologist

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today I will reenact for you what happened when I went to see my Rheumatologist. First, let me give some background information. 

My Rheumatologist is awesome. I actually met her when I was still seeing my pediatric doctor down at Riley Children's Hospital, so I almost consider her a friend first. When I turned 24, it was time to transition to an adult Rheumy, and thus Natali became Dr. Balog. Natali is more like a protective big sister who just happens to be my doctor. 

So, off I went today to see Dr. Balog. She asked me how I'd been feeling. I told her I'd been feeling okay, just some minor aches in my knees and fingers. Running Dodge #1: I told her I blamed the weather. 

Dr. Balog checked my bloodwork I had done over the weekend and informed me that my SED Rate (which is supposed to be between 0 and 20) was at 14. Six months ago, prior to training, it was 28. TWENTY-EIGHT! What's that, you say? My inflammation rate has actually gone DOWN since I started training? Oh yes, friends. That is TRUE! 

Next, she asked me if I was still running on the side of roads. Once, a few summers ago, Natali was driving to see her dad and saw me running. She told me I needed to carry mace. Or a stun gun. Because you just never know. (See what I mean about the overprotectiveness?) Dodge #2: I said that I'd mostly been running on treadmills or tracks as of late (which is MOSTLY true of the past few weeks). 

We chatted about a few more things, and then she asked me, "Anything else you want to talk about." Dodge #3: Crickets chirped. I told her nope! I neglected to mention that in three weeks, I plan to run 13.1 miles as fast as I can while still taking pictures with Disney Princesses. Leaving out information isn't really like lying, is it? 

So, I got a six month seal of approval and left on my merry little way. 

Oh happy day! 


  1. That is one awesome visit! Maybe you could wear your Princess medal when you go back for your 6 month checkup. Heck, might as well throw on the Indy medal too!!! Ohhhh...maybe you tapped into something new - maybe running is "good" for RA. You could be in a new research study, or head it up, or, or (don't forget your "just say no" mantra)...or, maybe just focus on your 12 mile weekend run & be ever so grateful that you "CAN". You are the bomb & I can't wait to see you "bring it home" :)))

  2. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow... :)

  3. Let's hope Dr. B doesn't run across your blog. You must share with her the next time you see her. Good luck this weekend with the LONG run.


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