Saturday, February 4, 2012

This morning, I woke up with a pit in my stomach. There's something about KNOWING you have to run 12 miles that makes it extra scary. 

The weather, though, was on my side. A little bit of snow on the grass, but 34 degrees and no precipitation is always a win in my book. I had mapped out my run beforehand, so I knew where my major mile markers were. Since I like to be prepared for worst case scenarios situations, I planned to be near my parents house at mile 5.5 and near my house by mile 9, just in case a bail out was inevitable. 

So, off I went. I tried running slower than my normal pace, but I felt pretty good, so I didn't need to slow down too much. It was a nice day, and fun to be on the roads. I GUed at the appropriate intervals and still felt great at the halfway point. When I passed by my house at mile nine, my left knee started talking to me a bit, but on running I went. 

At mile ten, my body was confused why we were still running. I'd NEVER run more than ten miles at once before, and my body knew it. 

Then came mile 10.5. So, I'd strategically planned my run and had it all mapped out. So, as I was cruising along in Lydick, about 100 yards in front of me appeared a mangy looking dog. And he stopped. And he looked at me. 

Now, we know my love for dogs is not great, but there was something about this one that gave me the heebie-jeebies. My gut said turn around and walk slowly. I didn't hesitate (Don't panic mom, I know I didn't tell you this on the phone, but I'm fine and it's fine!). I glanced back about thirty seconds later, and dog was following me. Well, crud. I kept thinking, just get back to the main road. I walked more quickly, and once I got the main road, the pup had lost interest in me. Crisis averted. 

But by this point, my knee was SCREAMING. So the last mile and a half was a combination run, jog, limp, stretch, walk, cringe, scream. It was not a pretty way to end the run, but it got done. 

Regardless of the end of the run, most of it was awesome! I felt good and strong and like I can really do this. 

I've also learned that I DEFINITELY need to get some sort of support for the knee. Any advice on braces or supports? 

Oh hey. I ran 12 miles today. 


  1. We bought the McDavid general knee supports for our 12 year old son who's 5'11". This brand gives him a light weight support, it's not bulky, & very breathable. He has no chafing and they are easily washed. They cost approximately $14 per support. GL w/your knee.

  2. Your last long run before the big one...yayyyy!!! You have done so much & most of your prep is done. Hopefully the knee will get a rest as you taper. Sounds like you are winding down at a great time. They are calling for more snow Sat/Sun :(

    No ideas on the brace though. Try icing your knee several times a day if you can and haven't already done that. You could always try peanut butter...you know how that makes everything better (so you say) lol.

    Rest up :)

  3. Thanks for not telling me about the dog. :) Keep icing that knee. We can go "brace" shopping tomorrow if you want. xoxo

  4. I just saw this ad in my running magazine. You're gonna need one of these... http://heavymedalz.com/index.php If that didn't work, go to SportHooks.com and look under running. It will bring up different choices of hooks to display your medals...you know, when you're done wearing them around town and all - lol. I need one too. Right now I only have 2 medals but I plan to add to that :)

  5. Thanks, Patty, for the support advice! I'm planning to go look today to see what I can find!

    Sherry, I did use a combination of ice therapy for my knee and peanut butter therapy for my mouth (on Oreo cookies, no less! Bad Angela, bad!) and it seemed to work well.

    I'm sore today, but not as sore as I thought I'd be! I need to do 4 today, but I'm going to wait until the afternoon when it's actually warm out. I want to run in the sunshine!

    LOVE the hook! You will DEFINITELY have to invest in one of those hangers. I have two medals (the one where I placed third and another from a Marine mud run) hanging from the mirror in my bedroom, but the Princess medal might need a more prominent place!

  6. Miss Saoud! While I do not have a knee brace for you, I do have post run/race relief should you be interested. When I had my knee surgery, one thing I got was a compression/ice cuff. It is similar to this: http://www.airbracestore.com/product/knee-cryocuff-with-cooler-large/large It felt really good after several hours of physical therapy. Let me know if you want to borrow it!

  7. Mrs. Milanowski! :) I may just have to take you up on that glorious looking relief! I'm hoping my weekend runs will go okay -- we shall see!

    Get together, stat, as soon as life calms down!

  8. Yes! This needs to happen! I haven't been out your way in a while. I miss you and I love hearing how your training is going!

  9. Yes! Come South Bend way! What do your weekends in March look like? I'm out of town the weekend of the 10th, but maybe we could even plan a SMC Education get together (since I haven't sent an email to plan one all year, egads!).

  10. My weekends in March look good! I'm not working on any shows this year so I have SO MUCH TIME that I didn't have last year! We have not made any anniversary plans yet, so we might end up busy that first weekend.


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