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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Because Meredith rocks, she has designed this running shirt for the Princess Half. Here's my version: Princess Half T-shirt I kind of love it! 

So, now that half of the outfit is figured out, one of things left on my To-Do list is to find running songs to download. I have a LOT of music on my iPod, and a lot of it is upbeat, but I would love to get some new running songs. I'm looking for suggestions -- anything super pumped-up or anything that will make me move faster would be fantastic. Favorite work out music, friends? 

Did I mention that I'm running 12 miles on Saturday? TERRIFIED.


  1. Love the shirt! Did you order it?

  2. Love the shirt!

    I'm probably twice your age so I'll stay out of the song suggestions.

    When you have a long run sometimes it easier to think of it in minutes rather than miles. When you think "oh, it's only running another 8/10/12 minutes (whatever your pace is) than you've run in the past it seems more doable. Enjoy your run. This is what is going to carry you in a few weeks to a moment of a lifetime! Go get it!!!

  3. Love the idea of thinking about it in minutes, not miles. That's gotta help, right?

    Yesterday when I was running my four miles, I kept trying to picture Disney. Running down Main Street USA is so much more enticing than running by random Northern Indiana fields!

    How long is your run this weekend?

  4. Thinking in terms of minutes when you are going long does help. It just doesn't seem the same in your mind somehow. I did 7 miles before work Wednesday & I'm planning on trying for 9 tomorrow before work. We're keeping the grandbabies overnight tomorrow so that makes a Saturday run tough. I just like to get up & get it done & move on. 9 before work is a lot but, in terms of minutes not so bad.

    Had my cardiology appointment. He thinks my Garmin has a glitch. Yayyy for me! He said keep doing what I'm doing. Maybe that's enough stoking for 9 miles before work :)

    Maybe running is like real estate...location/location/location. In a few weeks you are gonna be all over it with some awesome scenerey. I'll just be plunking around the Indiana fields. So enjoy enough for the both of us!!!

    Oh, did you see your doc yet?

  5. YAY! Glad to hear it's a glitch in the Garmin and not in you! I went to the doctor today too! I didn't technically mention that I was running more mileage now, but she didn't tell me to stop either, so I take that as a win!

    Hope you have a great run tomorrow! You're my hero for running NINE miles before work!

  6. So...what you really mean is you didn't tell her you signed up for 2 half marathons??? I have to think it's good for you if it doesn't hurt you. You are the real hero - running a 1/2 marathon with RA is awesome! I don't have any known problems, I'll just lose a little sleep getting up early to run.

    So many people get diagnosed with something & kind of give up. It's nice to see people being proactive & living life & not letting an illness rule if it doesn't have to. Sometimes the saying "if you don't mind, it don't matter" really does apply. I wish you as many wonderful years of running as you care to do it!

    I did see that the Indy 1/2 is closed. It said it filled as of 1-27-2012 so you must have barely sneaked in...good for you. I might do that one next year. I'll wait for your report on it. I know several who have done it multiple times so that says a lot if people keep going back.

  7. Exactly! I left out that I signed up for TWO half marathons! Oops! :)

    I'm so lucky to be as active as I am. I know many other people who aren't able to be active, and I plan to be as active as long as I possibly can. I'm also a big fan of pushing through, which sometimes isn't the best plan, but I try.

    I'll keep you posted on Indy! :)


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