This. Is. It.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is my last blog before the race. EEEEEEEEK! I'm excited and nervous and exhausted and energized and really truly scared $&#@less. But, it's also a really great feeling. 

I wish there were words in the English language that described what the past four months have meant to me. I've run almost 250 miles while in training. I have had runs that made me feel invincible and runs that have made me feel like I've never worked out in my whole life. I have laughed during runs (like, when children scream at me to wear a helmet) and cried during runs (on those really, really tough days). And it has all led me right here to this moment. 

This is the first time I've maybe been lost for words during this whole process. 

So, now, I'm off to school, then to a meeting, then home for finishing touches, then Chicago tonight, then Orlando in the morning. And on Sunday, 13.1. And as for what's after that... it's going to be really freakin' awesome. :) 

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  1. WE ARE ssssssoooooooo excited for you!!!!!!!!!! Weeeeee Weeeeeeee Weeeeeeee......have fun A!!!!


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