Stretches, perfection, and mementos

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Today, I spent the bulk of my prep period looking up stretches for my left IT band. (Sorry, coworkers and principals, if you're seeing how I spent my time today -- I swear I've more than made up for it outside of school hours lately!) I learned a lot and have been stretching ever since. 

I also skipped today's five mile run. It makes me feel like a big, giant failure, but I also try to be a person who actually listens to her body. After Jazzercise this morning, my body was saying, "Maybe you're done for the day, lady." I'm trying not to feel guilty about missing this run -- I know that in all reality, one five-mile run does not a failure make. But the recovering perfectionist in me is saying, "Great, you're totally blowing it at the end!" Stupid perfectionistic inner-voice. 

In other news, today I made a list of all the things I want to take on the trip with me. I then broke the list down in to what needs to go in the carry on (shoes, race outfit, race waiver) and what can be checked at the airport. I was an honorary Boy Scout -- I'm always prepared for the worst, and lost running shoes would be a tragedy at this point. I've also decided that I will totally be buying kitschy race gear and mementos from the race to bring back with me. For one, this is my first half marathon, so I'm going to enjoy it. For two, we get our extra stipend in the last paycheck before I go to Florida, and I hear it already practically begging me to splurge and spend it (I save everything else, darnit, I want to spend for once!). 

No time like the present! :)


  1. A big pat on the back to you! It is so hard when you have a plan & you try so hard to not deviate from the plan. From what you describe above pushing for 5 miles tonight could have turned into disaster. It takes such a short time to injure yourself & a really long time to get better. You have protected yourself by skipping that run. Now is not the time to cause any undue damage.

    Good plan to put all your running gear in your carry on so it doesn't get lost. Extra money for some splurging is always a good thing!

    I've never heard this word before "kitschy", hmm, is it a brand? Not...lol, wondered why I never heard of it but I did find the definition! OK, I'm an Arkansas hillbilly so don't spend the rest of the evening laughing at me because then your abs are gonna be too sore for you to do your next run!!!

  2. You're such a great cheerleader, Sherry! My friend Meredith emailed me a link today off the Runner's World web site about running with arthritis that made me feel GOBS better! http://askcoachjenny.runnersworld.com/2012/02/running-with-arthritis-13-training-strategies.html?cm_mmc=Twitter-_-RunnersWorld-_-Content-Blog-_-CoachJennyArthritis

    So, I plan to try a few miles tonight on a treadmill to see how it feels, and if it feels miserable, I'll play the weekend runs by ear.

    How's your bum feeling? Running is an odd obsession, isn't it? We're injured, hurting, and yet, still want to get back on the road to keep running! I never would have understood this if I hadn't become one myself!

  3. Sounds like good advice from Runners World. Glad you mentally feel better. Hopefully you'll physically feel better soon too. A foam roller might help your IT band. My knees don't hurt or my legs (in the IT band area) but when I roll on that foam roller it will sure let you know!

    I'm still struggling but it's a little better. I'll probably try a very short run tomorrow & see what happens. Running makes me feel so much better mentally. I really "need" it.

  4. I know what you mean about "needing" it! It's such a good stress reliever that sometimes I feel like my whole body notices it when I don't run (especially my brain!). I'm enjoying my rest today and am glad that I only have to run short runs before next weekend! A week from today, I'll be eating a late lunch at Rainforest Cafe. How cool is that?! I think traveling for the first race was a wise choice -- a half marathon AND a vacation. Sold!

  5. I made it 2 miles this morning :) Still pain but slowly improving.

    A half marathon, a medal and a vacation...heck yeah!

    My half marathon was in South Bend & the full marathon was in Indy. The Indy we stayed over in a hotel & came home right after the race - not even showered. My legs were so sore I could hardly sit down or get up from sitting! Once you are down you think long & hard before you get up again - for food/drink or restroom. Really funny now, not so much then.

    Rainforest Cafe sounds awesome - wish I could join you! Sooo jealous :)


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