Six runs, seven days

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Over the next seven days, I have to complete six runs. I'm also teaching three Jazzercise classes. 

Challenge accepted. 

See, now that the race is getting even closer, it's crucial that I keep reminding myself that I can do this. I'm starting to panic a little (read: A LOT) about actually completing this thing, so I feel like these final runs are going to aid in making me believe I can finish this race strong. 

I also plan to take a lot of Tylenol and Aleve over the next seven days. 

In other news, Valentine's Day is always an interesting day at high school. Girls carry around giant stuffed teddy bears and boxes of candy. Boys tote the carnations that got sent to them in first hour and dote on their girlfriends. The single students proclaim the day as Single's Awareness Day and make Valentine's for their friends. Kids seem to either be in the camp that Valentine's Day rocks, or Valentine's Day sucks. 

To me, Valentine's Day is another opportunity to tell people you care about them. I don't necessarily need a specific day for this, but it's always good to remind others that they're loved. So, I wish you the happiest Valentine's Day yet and hope you ate gobs of chocolate while celebrating! :) 


  1. Don't be afraid to skip a run if you really need to rest (I know, did I really just say that?). I did, You've put in enough hard work and training that missing one of these little runs isn't going to make any difference in the end. Be careful with the meds. There was an article in Runner's World within the last 2 years of someone using Ibuprofen before & during a marathon & ended up in bad shape in the hospital afterwards. You might be able to search & read about it. I'm sure a regular dose is fine. I do 2 Tylenol Arthritis before running a 1/2 or a full marathon with no problems.

    Valentine's Day...hope you got lots of chocolate "with" peanut butter of course!

    Closing in on your prize :)

  2. Okay, I took your advice and skipped my five miles tonight. I'm trying not to feel guilty about it (I'm failing, currently), but I think my knee needed it. I looked up a bunch of stretches to do online and plan to stretch and ice when I get home from dinner tonight. I DO remember seeing the article about Ibuprofen! If I take anything, I only take it after I run -- I don't think I'll try anything the day of the run (maybe the night before).

    Do you ever buy any of the memorabilia at races? I'm afraid I might go a little nuts... but I don't want the medal to get lonely!

  3. Don't feel guilty...eat some peanut butter...lol. Especially if your knee needed a rest. Look what happened to me for pushing through my nine miles in pain - layed up for a week and a half. Got in a whopping mile run today. You don't want to push it & ruin your knee for your big day! Bengay seemed helpful to my backside over the weekend. Tuesday I got some Biofreeze that seems to help. Stretches also seem to help.

    You have done so much prep for this race already that I'm quite sure if you didn't run any until the race that you would still be able to complete it. I know you are probably full of doubts since this is your first half. I got bursitis in my knee while training too much/too fast for my first race & had to skip 2 weeks and I still finished :) Everyone told me the same thing I'm telling you but I was a nervous wreck (for nothing).

    I have not bought anything extra at the races. I always have my shirt from the race. I've never done any big fancy races like you're doing though. Buy something special - you deserve it!

    Rest up, ice, stretch and don't beat yourself up - you made a good decision.


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