Never, never quit

Saturday, February 11, 2012

On my bathroom mirror hangs a little sign. It's a business card, actually, that says "Never, never quit" on it. My friend Janet gave it to me years ago with a card. I see this sign every morning when I wake up and every night when I go to sleep. 

I've never really been much of a quitter. It's the perfectionist in me -- It might take me eons to do something, darnit, but I'm doing it. 

There haven't really been points upon this journey that I've thought about quitting. There have been struggles, though. Physically, there have been days my body hated me enough to tell me about it. Mentally, I've hit more than one wall when running. Overcoming those walls is incredibly difficult, especially when you're only halfway through a run, but knowing that it's a mental block and not something else helps soften that blow. Emotionally, I've been scattered. There have been a few times I've cried while on a run. Hey, it's a release, yes? 

Training has given me focus. Training has renewed in me my optimism. Training has gotten me farther than I ever imagined it would. 

And training has reminded me to never, never quit... because you never know what's waiting for you after the finish line. 


  1. Kudos! Run on baby girl!!!

    When are you leaving? I'm so anxious to get healed up & running again, I really need it.

  2. We leave a week from Thursday -- seriously cannot believe it's coming so soon! Also, I'm REALLY looking forward to my rest days prior to the run. That's normal, right, to not want to be training here at the end?!

    I know what you mean, though, about getting out there and running again. My friend Janet is injured right now, and she said the same thing -- she misses that burning in her lungs and needs that cardio burn!

    How are you feeling?

  3. It seems like the days are flying by. Rest is good after all the hard training. I get nervous before a race so it's hard to rest. Maybe you'll be better at that than me :)

    Tell Janet she can come on here & we can whine together while you're gone...lol. Hope she can get back at it soon.

    I still hurt and it's hard to tell if any of the rest or stretches are working or not. I know running causes severe pain so that also tells me I should not do that! It's too much pain to run through so I will listen. It's only been 8 days so trying for patience.

    On the other hand, I am soooo excited for you I could jump up & down! This is going to be an experience of a lifetime!!!


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