A little Sunday list

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Things I am thankful for today: 
1. My knee did not fall off overnight 
2. Sleeping like a baby
3. Coffee with Cassy
4. Running with Christa at Notre Dame
5. Yummy Superbowl treats 
6. My awesome family

Things I am in need of, soonish: 
1. A car wash and cleaning, desperately 
2. A massage
3. Body parts that do not hurt

Things I am munching on during the Superbowl: 
1. Peanut Butter M&M's 
2. Ribs
3. Chips and Various Dips
4. Pretzels


  1. How's the knee? What about that toenail...on or off?

  2. The toenail has stayed on! Crazy, yes? I thought for sure it was a goner! I kind of want to get a pedicure before Florida, but I'm not sure that's a good idea!

    The knee feels okay. I ran three on it yesterday and it didn't hurt at all, so it must only be when I get in to higher mileage. That being said, I need to figure out a brace or support for the race. I do NOT want that happening during the run!

    How's your pain in the tail? Feeling any better?

  3. Yes, crazy! I thought it was a goner too. Glad the knee seems better. If you get a brace, make sure you do some running in it before the big race so you know it won't make things worse or rub or who knows!

    Pain in the tail doesn't feel too bad right now but I'm not trying to run :) Aborted my speedwork today. I may have to abort speedwork altogether. In the past when I've tried speedwork something gets out of whack. Someday I might learn from my past experience huh?

  4. If only we learned from our mistakes! But, we always think we can do it better the next time!

    I'm supposed to run five tonight but am currently helping a student with make up work and also have to teach Jazzercise tonight. Therefore, I think I may just have to suck it up and get up early to hit the dreadmill at the gym. Sleep, you are so elusive.

    Have I mentioned how incredibly excited I am for my massage tomorrow? Literally, my body is SCREAMING at me! The tension in my shoulders is out of control! Is that from stress or running or running stress? :)

  5. I say it's from stress & running makes it better. A massage will make it wayyyyyyy better!

    Did you see the Chicago Marathon sold out in 6 days? Holy cow. I wonder if it is because it's a big anniversary race? It's also a pretty flat/fast course and I think a Boston qualifier so that could draw a lot of runners too.

    Great number you got :) You know, because you "have" a number, you're are in the race, you are being counted!

    I think I'm going to try another run tomorrow & see if my backside will cooperate.


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