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Monday, February 20, 2012

If you know me personally, you know how obsessed I am with lists. I make lists for everything. I have a legendary To-Do list that I carry with me at all times. Some people think it's because I like to be fiercely organized (and I do) but mostly it's because if I didn't write it down, I'd totally forget to do everything (it's shocking I remember to eat and sleep without it being on the list). Once, about five years ago, some of my students thought it would be funny to hide it. After a minor mental breakdown and a large freak out, no one has touched it since. I like my lists. So, naturally, I have started a packing list for Florida. 

This packing list is unlike any other packing list I've ever created (yes, I've created multiple trip lists, and you might be laughing at me, but I've never forgotten underwear or sunscreen!). Of course, I have the usual things that would be on a Florida list right now, but this is easily one of the oddest lists I've ever created. Below, my running list:

-Running shoes
-Running outfit
-Running waiver
-Throw away race clothes (to wear at the start line if it's cold -- Disney then washes them and donates them to a homeless shelter)
-Knee brace #1
-Knee brace #2
-Body Glide (it looks like a tube of deodorant but I'm told will keep my skin from hating me after 13.1 miles in sweaty clothes)
-Chafe Powder (for my shoes)
-GU (4-5 packets, just in case)
-Protein bars
-Mint lip gloss
-Empty water bottle (so I can continue to drink gallons of water until right before the race)
-Carbs -- any and all carbs
-Camera, for the before picture, when I still look all innocent and optimistic

THEN, I have the other stuff, but it's fairly standard, normal vacation wear. 

Other things I've been doing to prepare? I've been hoarding all the magazines I've gotten for the last week and a half so that I'll have good plane entertainment. Hey, I have a plan here! 

Lastly, today will be my last four mile run before race day. In all actuality, I might wait until tomorrow to run (I may have over foam-rollered my IT Band yesterday, so it might need a rest day). Still, though, knowing that there's only four miles between me and race day is scary. I'm, of course, starting to second guess myself and wondering if I should throw in an extra run or two prior to the race. It's hard when you don't know what to expect! 

I'm thankful that there's a vacation thrown in to the mix of this race. I'd be afraid that if I was just at home, waiting for Sunday to roll around so I could run, I'd be panicking. This way, I get to focus on Disney and good meals and family time and friends. I'll wait until half marathon morning to have a panic attack or four. :)

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  1. Your list looks good. You are good, everything will be fine. Don't throw in extra runs - you need to rest for this big event! It's hard but find something else to keep you busy :)


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