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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Two weeks. Two weeks. Two weeks. 

In two weeks, I will be packed, ready, and on my way to Florida. I think when I signed up for this race in October, I didn't really think this day would ever come. But it's coming! 

Not much new to report this week. My body is mad at me and is seriously looking forward to tomorrow (REST DAY!). It's been a busy week of work, grading, freelancing, Jazzercise, running, sleeping, and trying not to go insane. I've succeeded at most of that list. 

Two items of note: 

1. I've had a few conversations and catch ups with friends this week that have been so, so wonderful. I'm reminded all the time what a wonderful circle of strong people I have around me. And I love that even in times of concern or sadness, they still find a way to be positive. That kind of attitude is contagious, my friends. 

2. Today in third hour Junior Honors English class, we had a pizza party. For one, it was International Pizza Day and for two, one of my students was heading down to the Swimming and Diving State Finals, and we wanted to send her off full of delicious carbs. My class has 24 students in it, plus me. We managed to kill ten large pizzas and three orders of breadsticks... with the exception of 3 pieces of pizza. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my students this year? I just love them! 


  1. Enjoy your rest - you deserve it! Will you be posting anything to us here or on FB while you are on your glorious trip? Just wondering, I stalk your blog all the time to see if you've posted...lol.

  2. Definitely on Facebook (what did we do before Smartphones?), and I'll take my iPad with me too -- maybe I can blog while laying by the pool! Doesn't that sound like heaven?

  3. Oh good! Just don't drop it in the pool. Heavenly? Yes!!!


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