Eight more miles until race day!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eeek! I didn't write two days in a row! Bad, Angela, bad! Here's the quick rundown of what's been going on this weekend. 

Friday was my rest day, and I took full advantage of it. I needed a day off of from running and Jazzercising, and it was nice to rest with friends! After work on Friday, seven of my coworkers and I did a girls' night out and stayed at a hotel overnight. It was REALLY fun to have fun with friends and not worry about anything else for an evening. 

Saturday morning, we all woke up early (it's the curse of the teacher, I tell you, you can't ever sleep in no matter how tired you are!). Erica and I drove back to La Porte and went to Kesling Park to run. It was... brisk... to say the least, but at least we weren't being covered in snow. I wore my two awesome leg bands for our four miles, and my knee actually felt good! I have another four today, another four tomorrow, and then I'm DONE with runs until race day! I can't decide if I'm excited about this or not, but I have a feeling I'm REALLY going to enjoy being done with the runs for a couple of days!

Additionally, this has all started to become a whole lot more real to me. Originally, when I started training, I kept thinking about how this day would never come. Now, I'm a week out, and I can't wait! 

So, today's plan is a serious amount of grading, a serious amount of laundering, and starting to pull together stuff for FLORIDA! Just four short days until we're on our adventure!

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  1. Glad your knee is feeling good :) So exciting, your race is just around the corner! Sounds like everything is falling nicely into place.


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