The brain game

Sunday, February 12, 2012

This morning, my head was NOT in the game. I had to get on the dreadmill for six miles, and the first 3.8 felt like torture. My sweet, little brain would not find something to focus on. Instead, my internal dialogue went like this...

"My hair-tie is too loose." "I think my right shoe is tied too tight." "What incline did I set this on?" "I need a sip of water. Have I taken a sip of water lately?" "I wonder how long it's been." "Okay, focus... focus on breathing, in and out and in and... this gum is too minty." "The sun is shining weirdly." "I wonder what my knee is doing on the inside." "Is that a twinge in my shoulder? It feels like a twinge." 

It was approximately 36 minutes of this. 3-6 MINUTES. That's a lot of time to have the brain moving all over the place. A. LOT. OF. TIME. 

There is something about overcoming the brain when running. Some days, I go out out for a run, and I'm so focused, I don't know where the time goes. On Thursday, I ran five miles on the dreadmill and it went fast and felt easy. Today was NOT like Thursday. My body felt heavy. Instead of focusing on how far I had come, I focused on how far I had to go. 

It's a funny thing, this whole mind over matter phenomenon. Physically, I KNOW my body is capable of running six miles. I've run six miles plenty of times now. But the mental obstacles are the ones that seem harder to overcome. I can also equate this to life, lately. I mean, realistically, I KNOW everything is going to be okay, but sometimes telling myself that and really believing it is just plain tough. 

Mind over matter. Positivity. And hope. Yep, that ought to do it. 


  1. You have all your ducks in a row. Your body will usually do what your brain tells it so make it believe something wonderful!

  2. You're right -- I need to focus on the wonderful and not the other stuff! Got any tricks for fooling the brain when you're not feeling it?

  3. Umm...didn't work for my backside...lol. But, injury is different that "just not feeling it" right? If it's something to do with RA, that is different than "just not feeling it" too.

    I have to talk to myself sometimes. I ask "can you breathe? - yes", "do your legs hurt? - no", not having any real problems so keep moving! Listen to music that makes you happy and put a smile on your face as you run. On one of my running programs it tells you to just keep telling yourself how good you feel & your body will believe it! You can do anything for a few hours :)

  4. Love it! As long as I can breathe and am not in an immense amount of pain, I can do it! I'm trying to come up with a good mantra in case I need one while I'm running. My old standby is "light and strong" but I thought a princess-y one would be fun! "WWBD" (What would Belle do?) or something like it. :)

  5. Something princess-like would be fun for this event! Somebody who did the Goofy Challenge (1/2 one day, full the next) commented on the song "one short day". He said this was a real booster when he was running the marathon & tired & feeling like this would never end. It will end, it's only one day and 13.1 miles, a medal around your neck, hugs from mom & dad, tears of joy & pictures for your fans you left behind & it will all be over in one short day!!!

  6. SO looking forward to ALL of those things! I have my iPod playlist ready to go, but may need to add a few more songs... :)

  7. Only a week and a 1/2 to go...WoooHoooo!!!!

  8. I can totally relate to this column. I think some days are just better than others and we just have to go with the flow. I find that once I start running and can't focus, there is not turning it around. I have to deal with it til next time. I'm sure that helps you a lot lol!!


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