Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This afternoon, I got an email from RunDisney with my final race instructions. 


It had all sorts of great info, such as, the buses to take me to the half will start running at 3:30 a.m., and I have to be in my start corral by 5 a.m., otherwise I'm not allowed to compete. It also said there will be a twenty minute walk from the shuttle drop off to the corral location, so TECHNICALLY I'll be putting in more like 14 miles, but, bygones. 

It also contained something else really cool: Bib Number 17262

That's me! That's my official number! 

Receiving that email made me equal parts excited and nauseated at the same time. I'm so incredibly excited for this day, but so incredibly nervous about blowing it and disappointing myself. 

But, hey, I'm number 17262. :)


  1. Geez, I'm so excited (or exhausted) I posted in the wrong place! So again...Great number you got :) You know, because you "have" a number, you're are in the race, you are being counted!

    I'm not sure how anything you do there could be construed as a disappoinment. Someone with RA who has put in all the miles that you have & are still going has to be commended! However, I would really like you to run/walk/crawl or be dragged by a fellow runner acrossed the finish line because I really want you to get that medal. And, maybe one day I'll see it in person...lol

  2. I agree with Sherry! You will get that medal! I just know things like that. So very proud of you!

  3. Yeah Mom, did you see that medal? Gorgeous! And, we're counting on you for some awesome pictures!!! I'm so glad you will be there with her. ***Sorry Angela. I know, I'm talking about you to other people on your own blog - how rude!*** I'm soooo excited for you. Wish I could see you come acrossed the finish line & see your mom watch you do it!

    My first race was a 10K & my daughter ran it with me. We ran side by side the whole way & crossed the finish line together. Our finisher photo is one of us together and it was soooo cool. No medals for that 10K but we have pictures & memories to last a lifetime :)

  4. You ladies are awesome! I'm SUPER excited that my parents are able to come with me -- this will be the first time they get to see me cross a finish line! Wouldn't have it any other way either!

    I hope you bought and framed that 10K finisher photo in a HUGE frame... I love all the cool things running can do!

  5. Sorry Dad - didn't know you were getting to go too...even more awesome! Both my parents were passed away before I even started running so they never got to see (from down here anyway!).

    Our 10K finisher photo is in my scrapbook & I made a page for her book too.

    How's the knee? Did you find a brace?

    I'm still sidelined with this sore backside. It's been a week since my last run :( Seems like forever.

  6. Knee feels okay! It's cracking a lot just in every day activities. I'm hoping that's just a fluke. I'm off to Metro Run and Walk this weekend to see if they can make a recommendation for a brace. I borrowed one from a friend, but it's a hard core brace... I don't think I need anything that intense!

    Stupid sore backside! I'm so sorry! Isn't it crazy when you take some time off? You feel like it's been AGES since you've done it! I hope it subsides and you can get out for a few miles soon!

  7. My boss runs marathons & her knees crack & make noise when she squats down & she says it's just noise, nothing to worry about. Pain along with that might be a different story. Hope you find a suitable brace to help you out. Even more so, I hope it just feels better & you don't need it.

    I hope I can run soon too. Very irritating but trying to be patient. I've run through some pain but this is a definite no go. This too shall pass right?

  8. I got butterflies reading is post as I do before my races. It's hard not to over analysis and seek information about up coming races. I've literally had to tell my self "no Patty you are not going to drive the race course"! Sometimes I over do it and try to run the race before it starts. Good luck in Florida! Have a safe trip.

  9. Thanks, Patty! I'm the same way -- I've been looking up information non-stop (and, you know, deciding which rides to go on at Disney!). So ready for this trip!


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