UHLH Phenomenon

Friday, January 6, 2012

So, lately I've been noticing something when I run. I'm calling it the upper half/lower half phenomenon. There are days that I literally feel like the upper and lower halves of my body are two totally separate entities. One day, my lungs will be screaming at me while my legs feel like I could go for miles. More often, though, my legs feel HEAVY and pained while my upper body is just chillin'. 

I don't know how to describe this phenomenon except to say that it literally feels like I'm working with two halves from different bodies. I feel like my upper and lower halves are disconnected. There are moments, and maybe it's because I'm so focused (but not likely), that I feel like my upper half is staying still and my bottom half is hoofing it along. 

Do you know this feeling? It's entirely odd. It's feeling two conflicting things at the exact same time. One part of me is calm, silent, and focused. The other part of me is crazed, all over the place, and feeling unnatural. 

Whoa. Is this a metaphor for my life?


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