A toenail issue

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today I was supposed to run five miles. I didn't. And I don't even feel guilty about it! I'm teaching five Jazzercise classes this week on top of my runs, so I'm pretty sure I'll get in plenty of cardio and strength and miles. 

Another reason I didn't run today is because I'm growing increasingly concerned about one of my toes. 

So, I'd read in a lot of different places about runners losing their toenails. Ick. After yesterday's run, I noticed the middle toe on my left foot was really tender around the toenail area. I took my sock off and noticed that the nail seemed raised, but it was hard to see much through my gray toenail polish. 

I came home, took off the toenail polish, and was horrified to see that the color underneath the polish was FAR scarier than gray. Think purple. Dark purple. 

There's a serious ick factor here for me. I don't want to lose my toenail. EVER. 

So, I decided today could be a rest day and time to visit with friends and family, shop, clean, launder, and catch up. And tomorrow can be a run and two Jazz classes. :)


  1. No worries A, your toenail will fall off but you will still be as beautiful as ever. It's a trophy of sorts for all this hard work. It will grow back in time for sandal season! Mine fell off once too! It doesn't look as gross as you think and is only sore until it falls off. Good luck!

  2. It surely sounds like a gonner :( I totally agree with Janet :) Might save you a few cents on nail polish & remover until it grows back! Hope you can get rid of it soon so you feel better.

    My computer crashed tongiht & I lost everything including how to find you :( I was so happy when I remembered where I could get your blog address. Of course, I'm sure Holly would've helped me again in desperation!

  3. I think I might be nuts, but I'm hoping the toenail will fix itself! Then again, after five miles tonight, it may not be a problem anymore. We're about to see!

    I'm sorry about your computer, Sherry, but am GLAD you found me again! We might have to add each other on Facebook too for extra support!

  4. I've definitely lost toe nails before. I agree with Janet, that it's not as gross as you might think and it will grow back. Mine usually take a while to grow back, but never fail to come back. However, I also have had severely bruised toe nails that hang on just fine and eventually the bruised part grows out. Best of luck. You've always been a tough cookie, so I don't think this will be much of a problem for you and what a great conversation starter. ;)

  5. Well...toenail on or off??? Either way, I hope it feels better :)

    On FB I'm under Don-Sherry Barnes (hubby put us together) if you ever want to find me there.

  6. Toenail on... but uncomfortable! I liken it to a loose tooth -- it's not ready to pull, but it's definitely wiggling! Ewww!

    Allie, you're the best! Once this thing comes off, I plan to start all conversations with a line about losing it. ;)


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