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Saturday, January 7, 2012

I had to run nine miles this morning. It was not easy. It was not fun. And somewhere around mile 6.5, I had to start asking myself, "Why am I doing this?" 

Let's talk about what went wrong: 
1. My legs, although running at a fast and furious pace, did not seem to be propelling me forward.
2. I had a hard time talking myself through it with encouraging words, so instead I started, OUT LOUD, saying things that I was seeing. "Snow." "Cars." "Rocks." I am not kidding. 
3. Around mile 5, my left knee started throbbing. I was unsure if this was due to the run or the small (read: GIANT) tumble I took on New Year's Eve. Regardless, it went numb a few miles later, so, I suppose that's something that went right. 
4. The all black running outfit was attracting a little more sun than I would have liked... making my normal amount of sweat intensified, even in winter. 
5. My iPod wasn't shuffling anything inspiring. Nine mile run = 91 songs. (For the record, I didn't LISTEN to all 91 songs. I'm slow, I'm not THAT slow.)

Let's talk about what went right: 
1. I got the run done. Nine miles is nine miles, even if it's not pretty. 

I think it's time to remind myself why I'm paying money to run for 13.1 miles. 
1. I am doing this to take on a challenge. 
2. I am doing this to prove to myself that I can do this.
3. I am doing this so I can eat an entire Hacienda mudslide by myself in one sitting and not gain weight. 
4. I am doing this because the feeling of accomplishment after a long run is like nothing I've ever experienced. 
5. I am doing this because there are so many people -- young, old, and in between -- that never get the chance to run a half because of physical limitations. I am running this for every person who CAN'T. 

Well, crap. Number 5 is why I keep going... even when my legs feel like jello. Must. Remember. This.


  1. Ice that knee and take Advil, lady! Protect the joints that will get you through this! Congrats on the 9 miles! Can't wait to celebrate at the finish line! DPH here we come!

  2. Great job for pushing through! I agree, ice & anti-inflammatory. It's funny, I kind of adopted the same theory awhile ago that you did. I tell myself I run because "I can" and I run for those who can't! My dad passed away in 2007, he had COPD & congestive heart failure & it was very difficult for him to breathe at times. My sister just told me 12-20-2012 she has lung cancer & her biggest problem is that it's hard to breathe. So I think of her when I want to quit and I keep going :)

    Angela, when you cross that finish line & they hang that medal around your neck you are going to be soooo amazed! Your legs/feet might hurt so much you'll say I'm never doing that again. Then, you'll be on the computer hunting for your next race...lol. I want to see pics of that medal when you get it!!!

    I think I'm going to run the Geist half marathon in Indy 5-19-2012. I had several I was looking at & I think this is the one I want.
    You know you'll be ready for another one by then :)))


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