Sweet dreams? Stress dreams.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last night (or maybe this morning), I had my odd, reoccurring dream. This is odd for two reasons: 1. I hardly ever remember my dreams (maybe once or twice a month), so this was a triumph in and of itself, and 2. The dream is weird. 

The dream goes like this. I'm back in college (at Saint Mary's, the most wonderful college to ever exist), and I'm in some sort of class. But, at some point in the dream, I panic because I realize there's a class I signed up for that I haven't been going to all semester and now I'm totally screwed and am going to fail the class. Naturally, on my way to resolve this, I stopped at the Haggar Snack Bar (which no longer exists) for a bag of popcorn and a pop. And then I always wake up with the dream unresolved. I never quite make it to the academic building to sort everything out. 

This is the third time I've had this dream. 

Now, I have to ask myself, "Self, what is it that is causing you this dream?" I graduated college in 2005 and got my master's in 2009 and clearly being back in college isn't on my radar right now. So then I have to wonder if it's something having to do with work (being that, you know, I'm an educator and all). Is this some kind of metaphor for feeling ill prepared for the week, the month, the trimester? I suppose that could be it. Rarely do I ever feel COMPLETELY ready for anything at school, because I never know what the curriculum, the weather, or life may throw my way. 

Additionally, since Christmas Eve, at various points, one or both of my eyes have started twitching. It's awesome. There's no real reason it begins. And I'm sure no one can see it, but it's SUPER annoying. 

I blame all of this on stress. Holiday stress. School stress. Life stress. Stress stress. 

But a little bit of stress if healthy, right? I certainly hope so. 

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  1. The twitching eye brow is a key symptom it's probably stress. My opthalmologist told me after I brought it up during an eye exam. It will resolve itself eventually.
    I've not had reoccuring dreams, but remember my dreams in detail and most of my dreams I can smell things. For instant, I had a dream where I walked into an empty house with bilateral dark oak fireplaces flanking either side of a doorway leading to white washed stairs. As I walked through the door way it lead to screen in porch. I could feel the breeze and it smelled like freshly cut grass.
    Maybe you forgot something you meant to do or give? Perhaps a vacation from the holidays will help or a good French martini :)


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