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Monday, January 2, 2012

The snow hasn't stopped since it started last night. This does not bode well for our first day of school in 2012 (scheduled for tomorrow). Nevertheless, miracles happen, so we'll see. I know my students are just DYING to come back and take their Huck Finn final assessments. 

I awoke this morning in a great mood, ready to tackle the last day of break. Thankfully, my NYE hangover was also a semi-distant memory, which helped (reminder to Angela: lay off the booze leading up to the race). Because of the crummy weather, I was relegated to the elliptical this morning. Definitely NOT the same as running, but better than nothing. I have no real running related posts right now, so I went with THIS instead. :)

For the new year, I bring you a pictorial of all of my favorite running things, so far. 

Shoes: My Mizunos... I adore these. I also adore this picture that Lars took for me. 

Clothes: If money were no object, all Under Armour. Otherwise, Target's Champion brand does nicely! 

Training Manual: The Non Runners Marathon Guide for Women. The writer is sarcastic, witty, and a real runner -- not a pro who is used to it coming naturally. Plus, she has a 20-week training program which I really prefer than some of the shorter schedules. 

Gum: Stride, Spearmint. This is a must. I have started bringing extras on my runs. 

Snack on the Run: Jet Blackberry GU. Find the flavor that works for you. This one doesn't make me want to throw up after I've already run six or so miles. In my opinion, that's a win. 

Snack after the Run: Banana, Almond Milk, Vanilla Protein Powder, Cocoa Powder, and Ice, blended -- Yummo! 
Obviously, I am being paid to endorse all of these products. JOKE! But I do like to try new things, so if you have other suggestions, I'm all for them! 


  1. I've just started running last year & completed my first 1/2 in November 2011. I'm already committed to 2 1/2 marathons this year, last one will be in March, and have been considering training for the La Jolla full marathon in 2013. Do you have problems keeping with the rigors of the training programs?

  2. Hi Patty! Just read your blog -- so fun to see other running bloggers out there (and especially encouraging to know you've already done one and are going back for more!)

    I TOTALLY struggle to keep up with my program! I have an extremely hard time to get runs in during the week (mostly because I'm exhausted or have other time commitments). I've literally had to start putting it on my to-do list, otherwise, I blow it off.

    Do you have any tips for making it work for you? I think for me, I keep trying to remember how good I'll feel afterward and how crappy I'll feel on my next run if I don't do it today.

  3. I just got directed to your site from a friend of yours (Holly). I get my workouts done in the morning before I go to work & then it is done & nothing can ruin it that comes up later in the day.

    I soooo want to do the Disney Goofy Challenge 2013. You run a 1/2 marathon one day & a full marathon the next. If you complete the mission you get 3 medals (Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse & Goofy). Let me repeat that...3 medals!!! It's a lot of money and a lot of work but, oh my gosh, the bling ;)

  4. Hi Sherry! I totally agree -- I'm so much more consistent when I can get my workouts done in the morning! I really value my weekend morning runs because of that!

    The Disney Goofy Challenge sounds AMAZING! I can't imagine running a half and a full the next day, but you're right, think of the glory! Are you training for anything right now?

  5. Running back to back would be a killer because your legs get soooo sore from the first one. I just want all those medals! I am looking at a 1/2 in May/June but haven't chosen which one yet.


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