Four weeks out!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

In just four short weeks, I'll be done with my very first half marathon! This is both exciting and terrifying, but mostly exciting. I have my longest run on Saturday, and then will enjoy three blissful weeks of tapering before the big day. 

I've started looking more at the race web site and Disney, both of which have me incredibly excited. The fact that I'm getting a mini vacation and warmer weather out of this deal are also something to look forward to. I also want to see Mickey and drink my way through Epcot after the race. I'm just ready! :) 

Today, I only had to do three miles. I went out this morning, but about a mile and a half in, the wind picked up and the giant snowflakes started to fall, so I was forced to abort part of the run and head home (with snow and wind smacking me in the face at every step). I'm VERY excited that the rest of the week is calling for above average temperatures (49 on Tuesday!) which will mean a few outdoor runs. I'm sincerely hoping Saturday's run can be done outside, because 12 miles on the dreadmill might make me hate running forever. 

There are some days that I still can't believe my body, or any body, is capable of doing these things. To be able to run seven miles regularly seems unreal to me. It's something I never thought I could do. The fact that people, MANY people, can run 13 miles or 26 miles or 26 miles AFTER a two mile swim and a 100 mile bike ride is so incredibly cool. Bodies are capable of such cool things! 

In an effort to put my body in the best position possible to race, I'm trying to eat cleaner these last four weeks -- complex carbs, not as much junk, lower fat, etc. This is incredibly difficult with the Girl Scout cookies sitting within reach, but I'm trying. :) 

Got any tasty eats you enjoy when gearing up for a run?


  1. Funny thing, in the summer I can't wait for the weather to cool down & the opposite in the winter. It doesn't snow here, but it does get in the 30's. The colderest I ran was 32 degrees and I never warmed up or got use to it. Good luck on your half!

  2. It is amazing what you can make your body do! Where are you staying? You might need to "drink" your way through after the 1/2 if you plan on doing much walking - the alcohol will dull the pain...lol. I don't have any great suggestions. I usually do pasta the night before as most suggest for the carbs. The morning of the race I usually do a string cheese and yogurt & call it good. If you want to try something new, don't do it before the race so you don't end up with tummy troubles.

    I'm sooooo happy and excited for you - you are almost there! Can't wait to see that bling baby!!! Do you know what the medal looks like? I don't but sure am curious.

  3. I agree, Patty -- I hate the hot and humid runs in the summer, but would like it a little warmer and a little less windy for now!

    Sherry, we're staying at Saratoga Springs near downtown Disney! They have shuttle service to the race, so we thought that would be the best way to go (plus, we won't rent a car that way!). And I definitely plan to walk the theme parks afterward, so drinking my way through will be the best way to do it. :) I'm trying to decide what to eat and how early to eat it -- I'm going to start messing around with pre-race meals this weekend to see what works best for me. Twelve miles on Saturday!!!

    Here's a link to the bling: http://disneydispatch.com/content/columns/running-with-the-mouse/2011/02-3rd-princess-half-marathon/

    I seriously think I might wear it everywhere, at least for a while!!

  4. Thanks for the link to the bling...OMG! That is gorgeous!!! Love it - bring it home!!! I think you'll look good in purple :)

    I wonder if the path your run is the same for the Goofy Challenge? I don't know if different races are run at different places or not.


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