Finding the time

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I have always worked hard at time management. Procrastination has never really been my thing. I don't live for that operating-under-pressure feeling that many other thrive under. I am the queen of the to-do list -- I have my list with me at all times and will squeeze things in whenever I can. I LIKE being good at time management. I get a thrill when I can cross something off my list. (Yes, I accept the fact that I am a total dork. Moving on.)

Three years ago, I was teaching full time and working on my master's thesis (a glorious, 70-some page document) while teaching Jazzercise classes five days a week. I remember thinking to myself, "Gee, self, you'll have so much more time once you're done with this." Well, the thesis came and went and I've even cut back on the number of Jazzercise classes I teach a week and I STILL manage to fill every minute. 

That being said, I really wish I had more time -- more time to read, rest, make creative lessons for my students, and spend with my friends and family. 

I read a study online today that said the average American is on Facebook for 23.5 hours a month. That's a LOT of hours! What could I do with a whole extra day of hours each month? I'm guessing a lot. Now, let's just be honest. I'm not getting rid of Facebook. It's a mental break for me, and I thoroughly enjoy that. But, it still got me thinking about how we as humans spend our time.

Many people have asked me, "how are you finding the time for this?" 

Truth be told, I don't know. I just... am. I'm scheduling it in, just like I do with my Jazzercise classes or meetings or appointments. If it's on the to-do list, I do it. That's just how I operate. If there's a day when I can't get it done, I try to get it done the next day, and if I can't get it done then, I skip it and try my best to let it go.

I'm not trying to downplay it, like, "oh, everyone has time!" I don't think everyone has time to train. There are many nights I don't get home until 12 hours after I left my house, and there are many weekend mornings that I plan around my running schedule. I don't have anyone else counting on me, like, children, for instance, who need food and homework help and attention (for those of you who train while being parents, you deserve one medal for doing the race and another medal for doing the race while being a parent -- Seriously. You're my heroes, and will have to teach me how to do this someday.). In that respect, I get to be selfish with my time right now, and that's extremely helpful to my training schedule, because I can't say I'd be as dedicated if I were in a different place. 

So, yeah, I could use a whole lot more hours in the day. But even if I had them, I probably wouldn't devote any more time to working out. There are just too many other wonderful things out there that I'd want to partake in. 


  1. I still think I need a 30 hour day, 2 extra hours for work (yes I would actually work), 2 hours for extra sleeping time and 2 hours to have fun, play, or read. I like to believe I would be more productive but I know better. :)

  2. Oh time.....the thing with time is even if we had more of it...we still wouldn't have enough, I know there are many times when I am extremely productive and wish I had just one more hour but in all honesty, there is always tomorrow. I also think there is a fine line between I'll do it tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. Where am I going with this.....I don't know.....I guess I completely agree with you A....schedule your workouts like a doctor appt. Don't keep putting off til tomorrow because somehow life will swallow your time up.


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