30 miles? Not so much.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I read an article online today that said in order to run your best half, you need to be running 30 miles a week. THIRTY. MILES. WEEKLY. Pshaw! Not bloody likely. 

Even at the peak of my training, I think the most mileage I run in a week is 22 or 23 miles, and that's IF I do my fourth day of running a week (which, I haven't been too much due to lack of time and Jazzercising). I don't know where I would find the time to get in 30 miles a week as I'm barely getting in my 15ish now. 

This is one of those funny things about running, and/or, maybe life: what works for one person does NOT work for another. 

My friend Johnna likes to eat those Sport Beans when she runs. Do you want to know what happened when I ate a few before Tour de La Porte? I had heartburn the entire run. 

My friend Meredith won't eat flavored Gu anymore because the flavors make her sick. Me? I need my Jet Blackberry flavor. 

My friend Teresa prefers to run with a partner, usually, her fiancee Dave. I prefer doing my runs solo, although, I do admit I'm more motivated when someone else is there with me. 

My friend Janet is eating clean in preparation for her half in May, and for her life, in general. Me? Oh junk food. I do love thee so incredibly much. 

There are more runner friends of mine and more preferences, but the point is this: You know your body, so listen to it. You know yourself, and you will find what works best for you. Go with it and trust it...

...unless of course your body says, "Never run again." In that case, tell your body to shove it, and go do a few miles anyway. 


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