Things that have changed

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Things that have changed because of half marathon training: 

Christmas Eve
Last year: Consisted of waking up, being lazy, and eating a giant breakfast, lunch, dinner, and second dinner. Then I ate my body weight in cookies. 
This year: Consisted of waking up, running 7 miles, and THEN eating a giant breakfast, lunch, dinner, second dinner, and ton of cookies. 

Water Intake
Before: About 10 glasses a day. 
After: Approximately 40 gallons a day. 

Calorie Intake
Before: About 1200-1500 a day if I was being good, or 2200-3000 if I was eating for fun.
After: Who knows. Who cares! The running makes calories disappear! 

Before: If it was under 40 degrees, you could find me bundled up wearing everything I own and complaining about the cold the entire time. Or, not leaving the house. 
After: If it is under 40 degrees, I will willingly go run around outside for an hour or more wearing skin tight clothing. 

Before: There are no hills in Northern Indiana.
After: There are a CRAP TON of hills on the west side of South Bend. Believe it. 

Before: Heels. High heels. Maybe kitten heels, if I was going to work. 
After: Flats, flats, and more flats, in addition to sneakers as much as possible. 

Running clothes
Before: Free t-shirts from various vendors and yoga pants that were too short to teach Jazzercise in.
After: Moisture wicking everything. Plus fleece headbands, gloves, and really, really expensive socks. 

Before: Spent on bills, going out to eat, shopping, and friends. 
After: Spent on running magazines, running books, shoes, clothes, and other gear. Oh, and still bills. 

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! 


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