Speed demon

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One thing that consistently frustrates me is my lack of time improvement in my running. If I can run for 10 miles, shouldn't I be able to run, oh, I don't know, three miles, FASTER?! No, says my running, you are not fast. 

In life, I move fast. I have a lead foot when I drive, which, miraculously, has only scored me one speeding ticket (someone knock on wood for me!). At school, the mall, or any other various place, I walk fast. My mom calls it "walking with purpose." I always walk with purpose. Those of you strolling? Kindly move to the right so I can get by you. I have places to be. The WORST part of the day is when I get stuck navigating the halls at school during a passing period. MOVE. PEOPLE. 

I'm fairly punctual, but do move quickly from one activity to the next. I don't have a lot of down time in my schedule, partly because I've planned it that way, partly because there's no way around it sometimes. There's not a lot of down time because there's not a lot of time for down time. 

So, yes, I am a speed demon. And yet, in my running, I don't so much see that speediness. You're going to finish that 5K in 22 minutes? Cool. Grab me a water, and I'll see you about six minutes later. I am just. not. speedy. 

This has started to frustrate me more lately, perhaps because I'm spending more time on the treadmill (iiiiiiick). I just want to burn through those three or four or eight miles as fast as possible. No such luck, friends. My speed is pretty consistent at this point in my running, even when I've intertwined speed work in to my training. 

This isn't to say I haven't improved. I have from when I first started running two plus years ago. But I would REALLY like to see some improvement now, as I think it would remotivate me. 

And with that, I'm out the door to Chicago to see my favorite SMC ladies! :) 


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