My running fears

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I have a lot of fears in life. Okay, I shouldn't say a lot. I have some, a FEW, fears in life. 

I have many fears in running, particularly running this half marathon. There is some definite panicking going on, and considering I'm still 78 days out (according to the official race website), it is likely I will continue to add to this list. Read on. 

My running fears (in no particular order) 

What if I fail? 
What if I'm not ready? 
What if I get distracted by the princesses?
What if my iPod dies?
What if I keel over?
If I pass out, will someone drag me to the side of the course?
If I do pass out and someone drags me to the side of the course, will he or she make sure to call for help and give me some chocolate before he or she leaves? 
What if I permanently damage a body part?
If I permanently damage a body part, does that mean I never have to run again?
What if I'm the last person to cross the finish line?
What if I don't cross the finish line?
What if I can't walk afterward? 
If I can't walk afterward, will someone push me around the Disney parks in a wheelchair? 


  1. You won't.
    You are ready.
    You won't let yourself get distracted.
    It won't.
    You won't.
    I will drag you to the side of the road....and call for help and make sure I have chocolates.
    No one is allowed to permanently damage a body part.
    Maybe after this race, you will take it easy and hang up your shoes or just run 5K's instead. :)
    You will not be the last person to cross the finish line and you WILL cross the finish line.
    You will be able to walk afterward and if not I will personally push you around in a wheelchair.
    No worries....run baby run!
    Love you bunches.


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