Happy, happy weekend!

Friday, December 2, 2011

As I write (and post), I'm finishing up at work. Did I mention that I have fifth hour plan? This is both a blessing and a curse, but by fifth hour Friday, my productivity is out the door, and there's no chance of bringing it back. My brain is not on the 50ish essays in my bag to take home or the 29 Friday reports or the lessons I need to teach next week. My mind is focused solely on getting out the door, running to the bank, driving home to finish packing, and heading to Chicago to celebrate Teresa's birthday AND her engagement to Dave! I adore fun weekends. 

Speaking of things my mind isn't on right now, did you notice how very few of my posts mentioned my runs this week? That's not a coincidence, friends, it's that I literally barely ran this week. With the exception of the 2 miles I did on the dreadmill on Tuesday, my running shoes have been on hiatus ever since. Compared to the 20ish miles I ran last week, this isn't such a success, but I DID teach extra Jazzercise classes this week, so at least I wasn't just being lazy. And, to cut myself further slack, this IS a lower mileage week for me, so I'm really only threeish miles off where I should be by today. 

That being said, tomorrow's 5K could go one of two ways: 1. I will feel out of practice, struggle through the whole run, and just be grateful when it's over OR 2. I will have a great run on semi-fresh legs and feel reinvigorated to pick it up next week. 

Obviously, I'm hoping for the latter. 


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