A day at the hospital

Thursday, December 29, 2011

This is a non-running related post. And I should mention that I'm sleep deprived. 

This morning started at the crack of dawn -- 5 a.m. when I woke up to meet my parents at Memorial Hospital. My mom, the greatest woman I know, has been having chest pains for the past few months and after a few stress tests and EKG's, things were still inconclusive. The doctor ordered a heart cathedarization (how does one spell that?), and today was the day. We arrived at 6 a.m. and got mom registered and around 7:20, the nurse came to wheel her in to surgery. My dad and I said quick goodbyes (because real goodbyes at that point would have been just too difficult) and mom went through the double doors on her hospital bed. Dad and I went to breakfast in the hospital and tried to have appetites. 

Thankfully, about an hour and a half later came the news that mom was more than okay -- we had a best case scenario. No blockages, no stints (stents?), no angioplasty... just a small artery that might be causing her some chest pain. Her doctor decided to switch one of her medications and asked to see her in the new year. 

The next six hours were spent with mom on bed rest, followed by two hours of walking around (presumably to make sure she didn't blow up or have a limb fall off or something). Around 5, we were finally able to put her in her pj's and leave the hospital and when I left their house twenty minutes ago, she was comfortably resting on the couch. 

I would love to tell you that today reminded me how important ones health is... and it did. Health is one of those things people tend to take for granted until it's gone, and only then do we really notice it's missing. 

Today also reminded me how lucky I am to have parents who truly love one another. Their example has been the best one I could have ever asked for, and one I want to live up to someday. 

But mostly today reminded me how lucky I am to have my mom. My mom and I have a special, unique relationship, one that I don't think is common even among mothers and daughters. Not everyone can say they have a mom who is also their best friend. 

I can say that. And mean it. 


  1. Read this and still have tears in my eyes. Feel the same way about you! You are the best daughter "by far". :) ...And such an eloquent writer. Love you!

  2. You are both wonderful and are lucky to have such a special bond. Mary Ann - so relieved all went well. Love you guys!


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