Beauty and the Beast

Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm out of running related posts right now, which means I have to write about something else. Since the half marathon is the Disney Princess run, this post will be about my favorite Disney Princess. I realize many of you will stop reading now. Feel free. :)

Without a doubt, my favorite Disney Princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Belle rocks. She's smart and strong and witty. She reads a lot. She's sassy. She looks good in a yellow dress. She sacrifices her happiness (initially) to protect the people she loves. She can and does make things happen. Furthermore, she falls in love with someone for who he is on the inside. Sigh. Belle rocks. 

I was eight when Belle rolled out of the Disney vault. Considering these were my formative years, I'm not surprised I gravitate so much to her. The other princesses are just fine, but I like Belle because she's not just a pretty face. She's smart too. Granted, there comes a point in her life where she only talks to inanimate objects, but she's still got a lot of personality. 

I wonder how Belle would do in a half marathon. She'd probably run it with a book under her arm, just in case she had to wait in line at a water station or port-a-potty. And she'd probably run it fast so she could get on to the next thing in her day. I'll have to remember this and channel my inner Belle on February 26. 


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