Santa baby

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Although it's gotten colder, the South Bend/La Porte area is still blissfully snow free. I realize this is bound to last, approximately, seven more minutes, but it has been nice to make it to December without snow sticking to the ground. 

I ran two miles tonight on the dreadmill before Jazzercise. My hatred continues to grow. 

I AM excited for Saturday, though. Saturday will be my first race since September, and it just so happens to be with many of my best friends. The Santa Hustle 5K (http://santahustle.com/) boasts 5,000 runners. Who are dressed like Santas. Including hats. And beards. To be honest, I highly doubt any of us will run with the beards on, but it will be fun to see what we all look with white facial hair. 

One of the things I love about running races with friends is knowing that they're somewhere in the crowd. In a race of that size, it's almost impossible to stay together, but just knowing that somewhere along the course are friendly faces is comforting. Running, for me personally, is a solitary sport, so it's nice when I get to spend it with others. I'd really like to get a good time to prove to myself that I'm making strides, but the other part of me is just out for fun. It's hard to take myself too seriously when wearing an artificial Santa beard.

I'm attempting to put together my race playlist. I was thinking about Christmas songs, but I'm not sure they will have the oomph to really power me through. I may just shuffle and hope for the best. 


  1. Two years ago I ran the Santa Sleigh 5k (yes, I admit it, but I hated every second of it) in a 5-piece Santa outfit. Since I find running so boring, I decided to see how many Santa outfits I could make out of pieces I saw on the ground. Beards were probably the most discarded item. Have fun and I demand pictures!

  2. Sad news, Lynny. Teresa emailed us today after picking up the packets and they were OUT of beards. Hopefully there will be some along the course to choose from! On second thought, ick.


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