Lip Gloss and Bugs

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

For some ridiculous reason, tonight's 45 minute run felt like it was lasting forever. This could be for multiple reasons:
1. I was tired from a crazy day at work.
2. I was ravenous and ate a quarter of a Jimmy John's sandwich prior to said run (this, shockingly, did not give me the energy to run).
3. I was, quite literally, dodging road kill (today brought lots of smashed frogs)
4. I was, quite literally, picking bugs out of my lip gloss. 

I should explain. I'm too lazy to drive anywhere pretty to run. It seems silly to me to DRIVE to run. So, I run by my house. I have a three mile course (which takes me directly to my parents' house for whatever meal time it happens to be by), a four mile course (through Lydick and near lots of horses and fields), and a five mile course (through Fox Run subdivision). Tonight's run took me on the four mile course (with an added bonus run through the subdivision). Apparently the 60 degree weather made the bugs reappear. And my, were they out in full force. 

I'm a pretty girly girl. This transcends all aspects of my life, including running. I wear my minty lip gloss when I run. It smells good. It keeps my lip moist. It's yummy. 

The bugs agree. 

I think I caught about eight bugs in my gloss tonight while running. SO. ANNOYING. After about a mile, I wiped most of the gloss off. Cue the grumpiness of my run. 

My focus was lacking. My feet were sweating. Wah. 

The next one will be better, yes? 


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